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My name is Ecya Nazrey and I'm 18teen this year.my bornday is 10Jan,im study at politeknik melaka as accountancy student.

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February 2, 2011 making-sweetness Back to the top

okay tadi tga bosan bosan kann . kteowang pon main la mende alah nihh[angah,kqeda,adeq and me] . baru beli kann haha malu jea . . ramai cakap best gile . and then time mule nak main tuhh . masing masing petakk . tak tawu nak mainn cmne ,  . pening ohh , and kteowang rase kteowang main slh sbb macam senang sgt jeh nak menang . .  ade tak sape sape yang reti mainn ? haha ajar ajar . ahah pening pale aku . tapi okayy la . best jugak main niyhh . eventho kteowang tak tawu kteowang main slh ke betul . care care dye yang adew kat ktas tuhh mcm da betul. tapi kalau kalau ade yang da lame main tuhhh . aja la yeeeaa .

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