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My name is Ecya Nazrey and I'm 18teen this year.my bornday is 10Jan,im study at politeknik melaka as accountancy student.

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making-sweetness im not ready !
December 23, 2010 making-sweetness Back to the top

today was the day dye pergi untuk futher study. . and i cant sleep pukul bape baru i bole tdo . then bole plak mate nih nak mgn awl . tbe tbe adew rase sgt takut , idk y .  . tak tawu nape i nanges . tak tawu dgn sape i nak luahkan . . i tawu kat sane ramai pompan kannn . and he said smiggu dua nih dye busy sgt . ohh mse tuh rase mcm nk gugur jantung . .kowang dapat rase takk ? HAHA .makin lame makin rase kehilangan dia . i know dye buat untuk kebaikan kami . but .mcm mane kalau dye tgglkan i . mcm mane kalau dye da bole hidup tanpe i . tak bole benti nk pk pasal niy walaupun dye da manyak kali yakinkan . mulut bole janji . akan datang kite tak tawu kan . i have nothing for him . . he can have the better than me . i know .what can i do ? idk idk idk . .huhhh . this life  full of heartbroken .i hate it   

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