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My name is Ecya Nazrey and I'm 18teen this year.my bornday is 10Jan,im study at politeknik melaka as accountancy student.

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making-sweetness aww sweet :)
December 22, 2010 making-sweetness Back to the top

aww . . tadi hangout with my cuzzy . ahah best wlupon da bosan ta tawu nak buat ape kan . sbb tcket wyg sold out kan , ahha . haihh patuh nampk la budak niy baby boy . umo 2 tahun agknyee . dalam stroller (er betol kot) ahah then sgt comel mcm mat salih celup . and i try la senyum and try buat dye senyomm . budak niy sng sgt nk snyom ..  . hahah so cute la . mcm ntahlaa . mmg tahap comel gile . and stiap kali nampak i mesty senyomm . ahha so cute . kakak dye pon da snyom snyom . pelik tgk muke kakak kakak dye muke gile pure malay , adeq comel nk mpos . hihi rase cam nk amek jehh . ahhah . yes i mmg suke mudak mudakk , sorry ! ahha , eyy geramnyeee . haha . tbe tbe jd bhgie sgt kan idop dapat tgk ciptaan Allah y tersangatla agung dan indah ituu . :)

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