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My name is Ecya Nazrey and I'm 18teen this year.my bornday is 10Jan,im study at politeknik melaka as accountancy student.

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making-sweetness i cant breath !
December 20, 2010 making-sweetness Back to the top

da genap dua minggu da tak mcm duluu . text dye 24 hours , omg . da tak sggup lagi nk tggu . da mcm owg gile da nihh , tggu je kay b . haha . first time kan kkite mcm nih . waaaaa nk nges . ase cam kehilangan and tahla tak biase . sbb sllu mengadu je kat b kan pape ponn ,and b sllu ktawe or sedey same same lau bb adew poblem or cite . ahha thx gajah . tbe tbe b tadee aiseyyy , and t b makin busy . sedey sgt b ta dpt nk dtg sni(kampung) . busy kan .  bb paham kay syg . da nak buat mcm mane .tolong kay t tke cre yourself kat sne , t kite jumpe . okay . kem slm kat tokbak ngn tokmak . and and my lovely mother in law ahaha . tlg ciomkan pp danish okay .

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